Over 30

Clan Page and Forums


1.  Be Respectful!  We are all adults.  I don't care if you are black, white, female, spanish, gay, confused, and/or the worst player ever.  Everyone over 30 is welcome, and should always feel like they are welcomed here.  Keep the forums as clean as possible.  Don't make me bring out the pimp hand.  Nuff said...

2.  Have Fun!  That's what this clan is all about.  Learning how each person plays and finding out how each member can contribute to the team is essential to being a successful clan.

3.  30 is the rule.  Under 30's have to be voted in and know someone in the clan.  If you are inactive on my friends list I will delete you.  If you are inactive on BO and on the forum I will delete you from both places.   If you are in active on the forums, but active in the game you get a pass.

4.  You must be able to speak and type in English.  I hate to have this as a rule but I cannot read or type in any foreign languages, and I feel that it is neccessary to be able to communicate with everyone in the clan and on the forums.

5.  Play with the clan.  I know that sometimes people like to play a few games solo which is completely fine, even I do it, but you joined a clan for a reason.  Make reasonable efforts to play with your clanmates.

6.  No advertising websites or other clan pages.  Keep links to a mininum.  This is for security purposes.  There is a link section.    If you would like something added that you visit regularly let me know and I may or maynot add it.

 7.  No recruiting.  If you try to recruit members of Over 30 to join your clan you will be banned.  If you succeed in recruiting people from Over 30, I wish you all the best of luck, but you and the members that you taken will be banned and blocked from the website.

8.  No use of offensive usernames, playercards, PSN's, or XBox Live Accounts is allowed.  Other than the blatently obvious, anything deemed offensive by another member will be set to a vote.  If the vote turns out not in your favor, then you will change the offensive material, or you can find a new home.

9.  To be written at a later date.